Tuesday, August 18, 2009

African time

I should have remembered about African time. I ran into when I used to travel over there. Actually, "ran into it" isn't the proper term. More like had to live on it.

When I placed my order for the rock, the mine told me it would be shipped in late July. Obviously that hasn't happened!

Now they are telling me August 27. Aaaaaarrrrrghhhhhh!!!!! That puts it here in late September, which gives me just time to get some slabs cut in time for our club show. That is, if the weather cooperates. I can't cut anything when it's raining because the saw is too exposed on the front porch.

So my current emphasis is to try to cut slabs from some of an old collection I bought back in March. I have a good pile of rock sitting there to cut but it's raining every day.

Hopefully once the remnants of Ana get past I'll have some dry days...........

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